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YugaByte DB Engineering & Community Update – July 10, 2019

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YugaByte DB Release Updates

We are pleased to announce that YugaByte DB 1.2.12 is live! You can read the release notes of this and previous versions here. This release is shipping with 11 new enhancements and bug fixes. This also means we are getting closer to our 2.0 release at the end of the Summer in which the YSQL API will become generally available.

What’s YSQL? It’s YugaByte DB’s PostgreSQL-compatible, distributed SQL API.

To learn more about what’s shipping in the 2.0 release check out “YugaByte DB 2.0: A Distributed SQL Roadmap.”

[#1446] Visually Inspect YSQL Commands

This new feature is especially useful to SQL developers. You can now “observe” queries happening against the YSQL API, broken out by connections. To try this out, simply create a new database cluster and perform some queries against the DB using ysqlsh. Then you can browse to the utilities page (http://localhost:9000/utilz) which should display an “RPCs in Progress” section:

Now, click on the YSQL RPCs section and you should see something like:

New Documentation, Blogs, Tutorials, and Videos

New Blogs

New Docs

Upcoming Meetups and Conferences

We will be at a number of conferences and meetups over the next few months, below are some select few with the highlights. Do stop by, say hello and ask us any questions you have.

PostgreSQL Meetups

SpringOne Tour

SpringOne Platform

AWS re:Invent

We are Hiring!

YugaByte is growing fast and we’d like you to help us keep the momentum going! Check out our currently open positions:

Our team consists of domain experts from leading software companies such as Facebook, Oracle, Nutanix, Google and LinkedIn. We have come a long way in a short time but we cannot rest on our past accomplishments. We need your ideas and skills to make us better at every function that is necessary to create the next great software company. All while having tons of fun and blazing new trails!

Get Started

Ready to start exploring YugaByte DB features? Getting up and running locally with a three node cluster on your laptop is fast. Just download, extract, create the cluster, check its status and your ready to go!

What’s Next?

  • Using YugaByte at your company? Tell us about it and we’ll send you a hoodie!
  • Compare YugaByte DB in depth to databases like CockroachDB, Google Cloud Spanner and MongoDB.
  • Get started with YugaByte DB on macOS, Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes.
  • Contact us to learn more about licensing, pricing or to schedule a technical overview.

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